Sunday, August 10, 2008

August 10th

Prepped: Picked up some sturdier measuring spoons and an easier to read cup measure marked down at Linens n ‘ things. I’ve also gotten some baking pans to work with my solar oven at the Goodwill near me. This Goodwill seems to have a great supply of various househoold and cooking things all the time.

Linens N things has some lovely things marked waaay down these days because of their business troubles. If you can get to one you might pick up some real goodies at much less than their usual price. I always liked to look in this store but I’ve been buying the last two visits. I picked up two useful little glass measure for small amounts under 2 tablesppons--it has metric measures and US measure. 00 cents and one I got for Sarah Multicats.

Also, got 4 bags of frozen vegetables from helping clean up apartment of friend--Mary alice--who has moved back to NJ. Also, got some papers towels and cleaning supplies from here. And some twine a good sized stapler, I only have two very small ones but they do work, and two roles of duct tape and one of packing tape and one electricians tape.

Cooked: Learned a simple rice and cheese dish that works well in the solar oven and made my own baked beans a couple of weeks ago. I used dried beans–so it was all from scratch. I was so proud of myself!

Storage: nonfat dry milk, more flour, canola oil. Rearranged small amounts of rice, lentils and split peas and pasta in a place where I will use them up first before opening something else.

Other info: K. didn't have to sell his car friend helped him to garage to get it fixed up and paid for it. whew! He's supposed to have some hours to work at a gallery starting end of august--we'll see. He sounds ok but kind of bored having to stay in the house so much because of his probation.

Ruth called, too. Daniel will be 3 this coming week! Levi's BD is on the 23rd.

Mom is okay; I had lunch with her yesterday.


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