Friday, March 19, 2010

herb cooking class ...

I attended my cooking with herbs class Thursday morning. This was certainly well worth doing! there were 15 of us in the class and a knowledgeable and happy instructor. Apparently, the business is doing very well these days.

I am thinking a Yeast Bread Primer might be fun and useful to go to in May and the Indian Cooking class they’re offering.

In any case:
1. Harvested some parsley and basil and dehydrated them! Herbs are still really growing.
2. Huge pot of beef barley soup plus various veggies. Only I threw in some well cooked wheat berries instead of the barley.
3. Lantana plant in front is growing bigger every single day. It’s in the 80 the past few days and everything that can do so is putting forth blooms of one kind or another. Citrus blossoms will pop open any day on the two trees we have in our area in the back of the townhouse complex. Also, the pomegranate tree will bloom in the next month.
4. Tomorrow it’s roasting veggies to catch up with CSA veggies.

Peace, shamba

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