Friday, May 13, 2011

Just the same old thing ...

So, for the past 8 weeks what have i been doing? :)

Not completely the same old thing but almost.

The floor installers found a package of damanged tiles and couldn't quite finish the floors the week they were installing. so, they ordered a new supply and it took about 3 weeks for the material to come in but it came in the dates they said it would. Meanwhile, the rest of the floor looked great and they set up my bedroom so I could use it even without the one side of the room finished. It was a 2-3 feet wide strip against the outside bedroom wall.

I called them the week the materials was due in and they called right back and set up a time for finishing the installation the next week. It took about 3 hours and they were done. so, the floors were finally done on April 20.

Meanwhile, I had talked to a painter and got an estimate, talked about colors, etc.
I was going to call him when the floors were done. Well, I called about a week later and have not received any replies at all. So, after almost a month of leaving message twice a week, I'm going to have to decide what to do about this: Look for another painter, leave things in storage until the inside is finished or bring it all back in the house and don't bother with painting until the heat is gone next fall. I really hate that idea so I'll just keep on with looking starting next week.

The cats are all pretty good except for Nubs. He's gotten thinner and a little less active. After a visit to the vet, and a bill to match!, he's got the very beginnings of renal failure which you can't do much about. Old kitties' kidney's wear out and that's what gets many cats in old age. :( I'll do what I can for him as long as I can. He's still playful with his mouse and has a good appetite and drinks a lot. We can try the recommended special foods although most cats never seem to like the stuff at all.

A few days around 100 but not much real heat yet.

peace, shamba

peace, Shamba

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