Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Fall Equinox!

Actually, this isn't until next week but at least our weather feels like September after being deep fried, boiled and steamed and burnt alive all of August. Our hottest August on record and because of that we have the record of days over 110 degrees this summer--31 or 32 was the final number.

I've been going along the past two months like usual. Solar cooking, cooking and feeding and herding cats, reading and hauling the last boxes out of storage that I put away last winter.

some other bigger world developments the past few months:

--Texas has been burned alived far worse than Phoenix all this past summer.
shana, Friend in Austin said that they've had almost all summer with temps over 100. They have tier 2 water rationing and the PTB asked people to set their thermostat no lower than 80 for AC.

--There is a frightening situation in Europe with the EU and Greece's huge debt problems. This has been going on for over 2 years now and they are no closer to solving this problem than they were then. As a matter of fact, the GErmans and French don't want to give Greece anymore of anything! But the French banks have a really large exosure to Greek debts so they can continue bailing out Greece, or Greece can default. All the Greek money will suddenly disappear and maybe some French and other banks may disappear because of it.

It is reminiscent of our financial mess 3 years ago when Lehman went under and everything went wonky.

Who knows if it will create a crisis as bad as the one 3 years ago or worse ... maybe they can continue the status quo a little longer.

I'm posting this info so I can look at it later after the solution to the Euro problem.

peace, Shamba

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