Sunday, April 27, 2008


K. got himself into a great mess of trouble 2 mons. ago with the local La Jolla issue sof children's Pool vs. Seal's Beach. Made 2 emergency trips to there to see what I could do. His lawyer said this should be a wake up call for him and me. for him for sure.

Anyway all of that has really gotten to me and my handsome orange cat Omar has disappeared. that just adds to the atmosphere of depression that comes and goes in my head the past 2 months. He is at my links under any of the Cats headings.

Food prices are beginning to look frightening as they climb and climb steadily everyweek. Shortages of food are appearing serious everywhere in the world--rice in particular, maybe wheat or other things will follow. Great! then we'll have $5 gallons of gas and $5 loaves of bread!

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