Sunday, April 27, 2008

Windy, dusty Sunday Afternoon in Phoenix in April

I seem to be in the mood to write here today. I feel more cheerful as I write from my earliest post this morning.

The past two days have been very bad for allergies in Phoenix--windy, dusty, pollen in the air. Most desert plants and flowers that live here in the spring have bloomed but many palo verdes are still filling out with their beautiful yellow blooms. Palo Verdes trees are gorgeous with the green trunk and branches and yellow flowers against the blue sky. Lovely! And the saguaro blossoms are out now. they are about the last thing to bloom before the real heat sets in and that will be after Memorial day. It is in the mid-90s today. Please observe the photo above; I'll have to practice getting the photos right where I want them in the entry.

I have links added here to my different photo pages. I paid for last year but I won't renew it come this fall. I do NOT want to give up my webspace yet and also my ISP connections. maybe if the world gets small enought I'll have to but I can't deal with that idea yet.

I haven't done anything about adding some new family photos and some La Jolla photos. I'm still figuring out how to get my more manageable ways of handling the digital photos, Photos in Windows Photo Gallery and my transferred photo data from my earlier computer; all my old photos came through okay; that was not a problem.
I want to add the basic links for peak everything--cause that's what it is these day, Peak Everything!--here, too. I want this to tie all my web creations and the VIP links together. I could add links and links up the wazoo but that will defeat the whole purpose if I do that.
Om shanti, shanti, shanti. Shanti means peace. I don't seem to have near enough of that the past few weeks so I need to give it to myself and all sentient beings out there.

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