Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November 11th to November 18th:

Nov. 18th:

Today I’m puttering around the house doing a variety of things.

I’m sorting through the paperwork that has come in since last week about Mom’s estate and hers and my bills. I needed to sort into categories: Hospice, funeral home, hospital, Estate & Lawyer info, my bills, Mom’s bills, my financial stuff, things for my brother, etc. This is all now in properly sorted and labeled folders.

Paperwork gets so out of hand so quickly sometimes!

Expecting: Comcast stock forms and annuity forms to fill out and return.


I went through kitchen stores: I need to use up some flour, get more white sugar for some seasonal baking, use up some brown sugar and the last of quinoa and pearl barley to use up in the next few weeks. They are all out where I can see them to use them up.
I added this week, dried bulk stuff: oats, red lentils, yellow split peas, some more whole wheat pasta on sale, more wheat germ, and canned sweet potatoes and pumpkin . Oh, yes, Swanson veg broth on sale again this holiday season, I keep pitcking up cans and cans since it’s so much less than usual.

I need to get: coffee.

Household Goods:

Got another small plastic bag of things for Goodwill.

Beautiful black and white D’artangnan disappeared for about 3 days but he came back and has stuck around since Saturday afternoon. I told him not to do that again without letting me see him at least every other day. I also went the place where the 3 irrigation pipes come together—they’re not used for irrigation anymore but for cat homes and transportation by neighborhood cats. I announced through the pipes that D. was to come home and tell me what happened to him—that was Friday. He came back on Saturday!

DJA at 8300; gas here 229 sometimes 2.15, oil at 54.95 Lunch out with Mildred and donna at the Bistro! I was treated.

11-13“Wall Street launched a massive rebound Thursday, sending the Dow Jones industrial average up more than 400 points after driving it below the 8,000 mark’ 8835

Oil today: 56.16.

“The Dow Jones industrial average (INDU) lost 411 points, or about 4.7%, to 8,282.66. It was the lowest close for the blue-chip average since it settled at 8,175 on Oct. 27.
Over the past three days, the Dow has fallen more than 660 points, or 7%. “

I got the Comcast issue of the estate under control for now. Have an appt with Richard about the AIG annuity on Friday. K. and I are beneficiaries and that should come directly to us; it will not be part of a probate procedure. That lessens legal costs, too.

Nov 11th

Sara and I are taking the day to fix ourselves a picnic lunch and go to the Arizona Falls, SRP takes care of it since it’s part of the canal/irrigation system. I’m taking veggies, pears and my two cameras and the binoculars I found in my mom’s dresser. Sara is bringing chicken salad, spinach salad, and we’re stopping for cookies and film camera batteries on our way out there.

From 9100 tio 8870; S&P 919; as here 2.47, oil at 62.41.

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