Friday, December 26, 2008

December 26th

It was a cold, wet rainy day for Christmas--Yes! itwas 14 yrs since it's rained on Christmas Day the weather man said on the primetime weather last night! I did't think it had been that long. It was a lovely day thought here. Fire in the fireplace, I made pumpkin pie, a chicken dish with veggies, whipped cream,; S. brought cranberry jelly she made herself, a spinach,arugala salad and she forgot she rolls--but that didn't matter that much! And I used cloth napkins~ LOL!

We both had a good Christmas day! I was really glad she came but I would have done the cooking and decorating and fire anyway. I thought the fire was very cheering--I haven't had a fire in that fireplace in years.

Today it's very cold and clear and sunny. High country got lots of snow this year and it was all over the state so I hope that supplies all the watershed in Arizona.

Is it soup or bread I'm making today??? Don't know yet!


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