Friday, January 2, 2009

January 2, 2009

Happy New Year! Normally, I’d say and a Prosperous New Year but I don’t know about that this coming year. Perhaps Abundant and Enough New Year would be more appropriate and possibility better in all areas of abundance: food, health, good things, etc., etc., etc. and maybe a little extra money.

Made trip to Safeway, almost all out of pnutt butter and all jams! Got those and a 10 lbs bag of Basmati rice which they haven’t had before. Yup, it’s imported from India but I took it anyway. Burlap bag with handle and zipper! Cute!

I usually make a trip to Sprouts for bulk things but I don’t need to go there quite yet. My January trip will be postponed for a week or so.

Basic Stats for first business day of the new year:
Oil crude barrel: 46.34
DJA today: 9034.69 Optimism today!
S&P 500: 931.77
Gallon of gas here: 1.49-1.55

Don't have much to say. Everyone's attitude is: 2009 is some year to be survivied and save what you can; gotta get through it to get to better times in 2010 or not far after. Optimists are suggesting that mid 2009 signs of recovery will begin to show a little.

Peace to All, shamba

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