Monday, January 12, 2009

Jan 12

Spent a lot of time online today because I went through all my email addys and got rid of 6 of them! Only 10 left LOL. I also went through all the saved/stored mail at yahoo and earthlink and got rid of unnecessary emails, forwarded ones to be stored at paid accounts. I went through my address book, too! Still a lot of emails but I recognize all the names now!

Also, went through webspace/file manager and got rid of some extra files I didn’t need. Fixed some links, too, and uploaded some Real Life photos at—this is part of yahoo and has some free space--and sent the link out to 3 people so they can see the photos, too.

This all took about 3 hours along with my regular news/blog/doom readings. I don’t have the sense I need to read about coming doom because it seems that we’re dealing with all of it in real life in real time these days.

I’m hoping some cyber friends can make a drive out this spring to see the desert/and visit several cyber and real life friends in a month or two when the desert should be blooming. I know I have some photos of desert flower??? Now where did I store them—perhaps I never scanned them before I got the digital camera????

The other day I got all the stock/investment info put into a portfolio at Yahoo. Just the names mostly not much other info anyone could get out of it. All of Mom’s stuff and mine is there.
I feel the winds of new life/new year and these winds always blow away the leftover dust/leftover feelings you don’t want/detritus of 2008 and leave the permanent memories—positive and negative—but make the way for new things.

J I have a few more people to email or contact that haven’t heard from me in a while. Phone and email work the easiest for this.

Gas prices have started to rise here about 10-15 cents.

cheers, shambalayogi

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