Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Sept 28th

Sun: I have the last of some brown rice in one of my glass jars to do something with today; not quite a cup. I have more rice but I’d have to open a package or something. So, I do what I do with rice, I’ll put it in the solar oven with some split peas/lentils, maybe add some vegetables at the end of the cooking time, dehydrated minced onions, cumin, coriander, salt and vegetable broth.

I’m losing more sun exposure on the patio faster and faster every day. Its interesting how fast it moves this time of year. I'll have to move i to the front soon.

Saturday: Put a piece of beef with assorted and some leftover veggies in the solar oven pot today. Potatoes, last 1 ½ leeks, carrot, little bit of a leftover onion, sea salt, ground pepper, freshly chopped up basil, parsley and oregano. I’m not sure how much of the fresh herbs really need to be added I’ll guess I’ll know better when the whole thing is done.

Update: the meat dish could have used a little more of the herbs, I’m just chicken with putting too much in dishes.

Wednesday: Used up the rest of the brick of cheddar cheese and grits and assorted other ingredients to make Chile Cheese Grits. I halved the recipe though as it makes a huge amount of food, about 12-14 servings. I’ve cooked the whole thing for potlucks before and kept half for me. The cheese I had wouldn’t have been enough for the whole recipe anyway. Note for next time: more green chiles make it tastier.

So, I have some cheese grits for today and froze the rest and that’s several days worth of food. It freezes well and reheats well. It cooked just fine in the Tulsi solar oven; I hadn’t cooked that dish in a solar oven yet.



Chile said...

Sounds like you are right on track for using up bits and pieces.

I'm facing the same issues with less sun for solar cooking, exacerbated by the neighbor's tall eucalyptus trees. The front yard gets more sun, but there is too much questionable foot traffic on our road. I honestly don't trust the neighborhood kids not to mess with the oven just for kicks. (Trust me, I'm having to deal with the results of them messing with my dog in its previous home's yard...)

Regarding your chile dish, you can never have too many green chiles! Tonight's dinner here will be chile "cheeze" potatoes, cooked in the solar oven. :)

Shamba said...

Hey, LOOK a comment on my blog! :)
thanks, I get better with practice, like most things.

I don't write this blog for comment, just my own thoughts on things I can't discuss with too many people in Real Life. But of course, there are cyber souls out there to help deal with that.

thanks for the comment, Chile.
I don't know how much I'll use the
solar oven this winter but I want to try to more than last year. I just moved my cooking indoors last winter.

I don't have foot traffic but the cats might get realy curious and knock it over or something.

green chiles are on the shopping slist for next time.