Monday, December 14, 2009

A Few Less Things to take my energy

Rain and dark clouds this afternoon.

For some reason, I was moved to empty the cabinet over the refrigerator. My finds were various: 5 old coffee makers glass carafes, some baskets, various containers, a Christmas Plastic plate I’ve hardly ever used. I also took some of the ornamental cats made from rabbit fur from the computer room and several of the smaller stuffed animals I’m not attached to for passing on to someone else. Everything but the stuffed animals was bagged for Goodwill. Two dress jackets in good condition were bagged for going to Sal Army or Goodwill. The animals are in another box waiting for me to inspect them.

Remaining animals move from the table next to the computer to my bedroom with some other stuffed animals.

I have a lot of room now in the cabinet over the fridge and less cluttered look to my one terribly cluttered room.


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