Saturday, December 12, 2009

I lost some produce in the past few days but not much. Two pears were hiding in the back of a fridge shelf and died there :), some arugala didn't make it to cooking.

I dehydrated a bunch of green beans I'd gotten but then I intended to do that with them anyway so there was no risk of any of them going to waste.

I cooked two turkey legs on some greens, kale, onions and some parsley and seasonings. The greens were okay but i wasn't fond of the turkey legs. I loved those when i was a kid maybe it was just the way it tasted that particular day.. Anyway the cats were very grateful for the turkey meat! If I hadn't given it to the cats, I would have done some casserole thing with pasta, veggies and baking the whole thing.

This challenge has been worth doing and a longer one can teach you how well you can do with things over a longer stretch of time.

Risa, about the almond!

May all of you have a good weekend and don't let the holiday crazies get to you. Two weeks till chrismas and it all begins to press in on you!.

Peace to all,

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