Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 13th: Happy New Year!

I’m keeping on with my “using up leftovers and produce” even if the challenge is over. I drove out to the Thunderbird Banner Hospital to find out where the CSA produce is located. I’m taking over the payment and the contract for their next session next Wednesday.

A very grand lady I met on the internet in my scifi days has passed away at her home in Missouri. Her husband and some of her children were with her. Bluetopaz had a lung cancer and she was in her late 70s. She was a bright light and I’ll miss her. I'm very glad I took the pictures of her that I have now.

On January 6th, news on local NBC affiliate reported “fewer’ jobs lost than expected” in December 2008. A turn around may only be a few months away, the anchor said. I doubt it but I live in interesting times I guess.
Cheers, shamba

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