Friday, February 12, 2010

Veggies veggies, veggies !

I have been remiss in keeping up with my vegetables from the CSA. Actually, I just haven't felt very energetic this week. My cold seems to wax and wane with the rainy weather. The next week is up to 75 degrees so I'm hoping warmer weather will make me feel more energetic.

So, today is Roasting beets and Roasting Root Veggies. The roasted veggies are good with just about anything so they’re quite easy to eat. They’re also good enough that I want to eat them so they’ll be gone in a day or so.

I’m also going to have to think interms of whole meals being vegetarian instead of just side dishes. That’ll be new for or at least I haven’t done it for long time.

CSA stuff this week:

Arugula Mizuna
Fennel Dill
Spring Mix Carrots
Tokyo Bekana Citrus

the oranges are gone(!), some of the spring mix is eaten. I want to try braised fennel sometime this weekend. I'm always nibbling on carrots so they'll be gone by next CSA day. The greens are always a little more than I can eat raw so I'm going to have to cook more of them. S. would like some arugula and dill and I certainly have it to spare.

Enough sun is available on the back patio for solar cooking again back there.


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Chile said...

If you have any sweet potatoes left, a member gave me a very tasty recipe. Dice the sweet potatoes. Cut the fennel bottoms into bite-sized pieces. Toss both with a little oil, salt & pepper, and some tarragon. Roast until tender. It was very yummy for lunch yesterday. And, yes, I cooked it in the solar oven. :)

If you don't have any sweet potatoes left, try it with the carrots. Then serve with some kind of starch like pasta, potatoes, or rice. I suppose you could substitute dill for the tarragon, too, to use some of the dill.