Thursday, May 6, 2010

new and some stuff to wonder about ....

News lately:

--the financial situation in Greece in still not quite finalized, I think, so many times it’s been reported as “all taken care of” I don’t know if the latest version of their bailout/stabilization is done or not. A section of the Greek public is so worked up their demonstrations turn into riots and people are being killed in these demonstrations now. Did this influence the stock market drop today ?

--US Stock markets this week have had some losses, but today they had a big spike drop of almost 1000 points. They came back up though and show a total loss in points today of 347.80 to 10,520.32; S&P had 1128.15 Some commentators think the Greek and European financial situation is going to get worse and is a picture of the kind of austerity measure we'll have to take.

what I want to know, and I don't anyone is going to tell me!, is does that mean I have until the end of 2010 to get some more things done at the house?

--Bad oil spill from BP rig in the Gulf of Mexico; spill is growing hugely and could be spread around the west coast of Florida to the Keys and then up the East Coast.
What does this do to the temperature of water in regards to hurricane formation???
Is it going to hit the gulf Coastline, so far it's just hanging out there in the Gulf and hasn't come onto shore yet?

--The 99 weeks of unemployment that have been extended by Feds over the past year or so has not been extended to more. So, those people because of the recession for the past two, almost 2 ½ years, are going to run out of their UE benefits quite soon if they haven’t already--how many people is that and will they all be on the streets?

I think they just drop off any unemployment stat sheets and will that make the emplyment rates look better?

--Much more unemployment is probably coming with the education cuts across the country and also municipal and state workers will be let go starting with the fiscal year beginning July 1. Of course, many government employees have been let go all along the last year anyway.

Local weather news, no 100 degree days yet.


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