Monday, March 14, 2011

Melting, melting, melting ... a glowing puddle of radiative goo ?

Now, many think the fuel rods are melting in the 3 problem reactors in Fukushima 1 power plant in northern Japan.

And the Nikkei index has melted some because of the earthquake, tsunami and now probably radiation leaks even before the rods have melted through their containers. The Bank of Japan has been injecting money this trading Tuesday in Japan. Jpan is about 14 hours ahead of Phoenix time.

Of course, there is a great gap in my last entry and this one. Mostly, I'm referring to the giant 9.0 earthquake on the eastern side of Honshu island in Japan.
About every 12 hours, since last Friday, march 11, there's been some new announcement about nuclear power plants and nuclear reactors at one particular power plant. There have been explosions in the buildings the containers are in but so far no containers have been breached.

My net sites are beginning to talk about people and businesses packing up and leaving Tokyo as the radiation levels there are going up

My usual financial/geopolitical blogs are sure that the Japnaese authorities have been downplaying everything from the start. has been calling the event there right so far the past few days. Then about 10-12 hours after they post their conclusion, NBC evening news has it on, too!

Of all the things to be prepared for, anything nuclear or radiation is the one that frightens me the most. Of course, we don't know that it will reach here but the effects of this worldwide on food, business, tourism and just about anything else is totally wrecked if it doesn't stabilize completely pretty soon.

no peace tonight ya'll, shamba

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