Friday, July 18, 2008

July 12-15-17

High dew point today and tomorrow due to system coming from Mexico which gave us our nice rain two nights ago.

Cooked with solar oven today; rice, vegetable—broccoli, celery, carrots, scallions; and corn bread. I have to be careful not to fix too much food at once. I now have enough rice really for 4 people although I will certainly use it for the next day or so.

Need to add to stores because I’m down to one container of these: granulated sugar, coffee, cornmeal, need yeast for bread making, and fresh milk.

I adapted a baked bean recipe to suit my own tastes; it was far too salty the way it was written. I like it much sweeter than that. So, anyway I wrote down what I did for the next time I make these and they came out pretty good!
July 15-17

Well, as of Thusday’s close DJ was up to 11, 466.66; And oil was down to 129.29; yesterday it was 134.60. and why? I have no clue! It’s only for a while anyway, however long it lasts. May be this is the beginning of the big rush up in the stock market before the big crash down sometime this fall? At least some think so but the fundamental issues have not changed at all—banking crisis, energy crisis, housing thing, debt and war.

Come to think of it, hasn’t human civilization always had these to some degree all the time? Somewhere in some human civilization even if not in the USA.

Anyway, picked up some basmati rice at fry’s. I wasn’t looking for food but I decided to go to an ATM there and check a balance and then I checked out some of the food and prices. Better selection of rices for a little less than Safeway near me; also, more of certain beans but not as much of a selection as my Safeway. Got some basmati rice anyway and some yeast. Yeast will be for pizza dough lesson next week.

Went to MAC’s farewell party from state library and came home and put rice and chopped veggies out in oven on patio. I’ll heat up the last of the baked beans and have that for dinner. J
End of entry today!


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