Friday, July 11, 2008

Monsoon! .... and some updates ..some good some not ...

Wonderful Monsoon storm last night--actually it was more like 2-4 storms rolling through our area. It soaked the whole Valley quite well. We'll have very cloudy days and good possibilities of more storms--i say bring it on! Not too fast and too much at one time since it might flood the patio if that happens; but more storms I'm for!

guess I won't be using solar oven by itself the next few days but I can use the electrical backup; it still uses less energy and makes less heat that the inside oven. I love this thing!

And B. referred me to a parttime job at her law firm ... I've called about it. I have mixed feelings about working again at this time; I've got two more projects I'd really like to have done before I turn attention to job stuff again.

Mary Alice is moving to NJ in the next week. I'll miss her but I know she wants to go back to her NJ.

Other news from the past few days:

7-2- 143.67 oil

7-3-08 Opened at 144.40; closed at 145.29 markets closed early today


New recipe: Sarah thought I should be able to cook a frittata in my solar oven after she saw it on Saturday. She’s intrigued with the whole idea of solar ovens. So. I cooked a Frittata – used a recipe I’d had.. 2 eggs, leftover frozen vegetables, olive oil, salt & p. Put in one of the larger solar oven pans about 11:00 we’ll see how this works out since I’m not cooking it like an omelet in the first stages like you’re supposed to.

Managed stores for the week: Cleaned out all the old cleaning stuff and supplies underneath the kitchen and bathroom sinks—had too many old toothbrushes! Need more vinegar and bleach and some ammonia …

Went Linens Plus on way to Trader Joe’s and they had a lot of stuff on clearance. Treated myself to stainless steel measuring cups and a one cup measure all by itself. I have used up more 1 cup measures over the years and always have the other cup measures left.

July 10th

Food stores: Added some rice and more lentils; will need in a week or two, more coffee and oats.
Got some more backup dry food for the cats, too this week.

New food cooked in solar oven: Roasted ears of corn in the solar oven.

7-11-08 News on financial and economic is pretty dismal.

--DJ is just above 11000 this morning;
--Oil has gone up back over 145.00, was down in the mid 130s for several days;
--Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are totally insolvent and about to be taken over by the Federal government—this has been Mainstream for at least the past 2-3 days.

Our gas hasn’t gone up for about 2-3 weeks; as a matter of fact the one expensive station went down 4 cents the other day.

Are we in for it now or what????? Oh yeah, some reports of Israeli’s in Iraq preparing to give it to Iran’s’ nuclear facilities.

cheers, shamba

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