Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September 29-30th

Sept 30
Mom was very peaceful today; she also is quite unresponsive. Sghe talked a little last night to me but it was very hard to hear her much less understand her. I knew what she was saying:”I don’t know what I’m doing” or What can I do?

I told her she was doing exactly what she was supposed to and that she had done very well with her life. I told her that today as well. She was still somewhat agitated and restless yesterday and last night. She didn’t want too much next to her skin, sheet or robe or nightgown. Today she is much quieter with the white cat tucked under her hand.

--DJones actually came up today and was not as volatile as yesterday anyway.

--I went to get gas at the cheaper station at Bethany Home Rd and it was all out of all kinds of gas. They only had regular on Saturday; premium was all out and the guy said he expected a shipment but he hadn’t had one for the previous day either he was supposed to get. Station closest to home had enough of all kinds for a few cents more still it was 3.35.

--Got legal docs of Mom’s out to check on something. I’ve got everything I’ll need now.

--Made a big pot of veg soup this morning to keep busy.


September 29 Monday

Mom, Eleanor, is in Hospice of the Valley unit at Phoenix Baptist Hospital. She hasn’t eaten anything except a bite or two of chocolate pudding since Saturday noon meal. She just keeps saying she doesn’t know who she is and/or what I am supposed to do? She can be very agitated and distressed about these two issues.

Saturday she wanted me and the nurse to kill her, then that she was dying and was afraid and then a few times that she just wanted to stop and why can’t I just die. I told her is okay to die, and okay to be afraid and I was afraid too. I also always told her she was doing just fine and exactly what she was supposed to be doing.

I’ve been there every day with her for a few hours; but I am so worn out today I want to shut out the WHOLE F******* WORLD for a few hours. This also has to do with the finance news today—see below for that.

K. has to move from David’s to a half-way house; not more punishment/restriction but because of David’s connection with the Children’s Pool issue.

More news this interesting day (!):

--Yahoo finance headline at 12:00 noon MST:
Dow Plunges 700 as House Defeats Bailout Plan; Selling Intensifies- AP

--DJ down to 10,500; lots of acrimony about this not passing house between representatives. Most of the congressmen and women have been getting that most Americans don’t want this so they have every right to ask their representatives to do what they want. I don’t blame them but we will also get much worse sooner without the bailout.

And there will be freefall in the market until something is tried or we’ve hit the bottom.

--Congress isn’t supposed to get together again until Thursday! And tomorrow is Rosh Hashanah. So, that’s a holiday for them, too.

Got supplies last week from Sprouts of bulk items; I just keep buying food stuff! I want to get some more charcoal briquettes. I haven’t done any cooking since last Tuesday when Mom went to the hospital.

As for the October 7th date predicted by urbansurvival.com, a bank holiday?? I got a lot of extra cash from the CU last Friday and also made a large payment on what’s left on the credit card.

So much, can’t write it all down!

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