Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October 23rd and October 28th

October 28th

Markets seem to be holding their own past 2 days—no big swings or freak outs so far this week. Correction at 1:00 p.m.: big late-day move Tuesday, barreling higher and lifting the Dow Jones industrials more than 800 points as bargain hunters, buying in anticipation of a Federal Reserve rate cut, grabbed stocks that have been pounded lower in recent sessions. All the major indexes were up at least 9 percent.

Still pretty warm this week, in mid 90s. I moved the solar oven out onto the front porch today to cook. Used up last of white basmati rice and put in some yellow split peas. It comes out quite appealing with the white and bright yellow together. I put it with some romaine lettuce and salt and pepper today. It was fine that way.

Got reference to see a lawyer about estate procedures.

Oct 23rd Beautiful Fall Day in Southern Arizona

High just around 90 I think. It’s lovely outside. I could sit outside on the back patio and drink hot coffee at 2:30 p.m if I wanted! Now that’s the kind of weather I like all the time! J
Used Solar oven today but as an electrical oven. No sun at all during the day in the back for cooking and even in the front porch it’s limited after 1-2 p.m. So, I put in some rice and plugged in the oven in the back and turned the oven on it’s LOW setting. It has LOW and HIGH and you have to turn on the LOW switch before you can turn on the HIGH switch. So, far I’ve discovered the LOW is just fine for cooking the things I cooked all summer using the solar oven.
The rice cooked beautifully in the time it cooked in the strictly solar oven, about an hour. This is still so much better than me cooking rice on my inside stove, I may just keep cooking rice this way. J If I do I’ll use it for cooking everything else I’ve cooked in it. I think it might use less electricity than using the kitchen but I don’t really know that.

And it’s still warm enough during the day that I don’t want to use the kitchen if I can since the AC is switched off today. My daytime temperature for turning on the AC is 95 degrees and above. After almost 6 months of AC it’s a pleasure to have it off and come in and out without thinking about it.

Sprinkled about a cup of shredded cheese on the rice it’s last 5-10 minutes and put a pan of frozen peas next to it to warm up. This and some leftover chicken for late lunch/early supper.


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