Monday, June 9, 2008

Carried tote bag with me to WalMart today...

I find that when I do buy something these days I am remembering to take tote bags or other bags to carry the purchases with me. Clerks in retail, not groceries, don’t seem to be surprised that I’m not interested in one of the stores plastic bags. Maybe there are more people doing this kind of thing.
I’ve ordered/purchased a solar oven! The one I was looking at months ago has gone way up in price—I knew I should have ordered it when I was looking at it then! But I got another one that has more accessories and is more expensive but the other one is now almost as expensive so I’m happy with my choice, or at least until I see what I get and try it out.
Got some small hand gardening tools that will help me repot all the aloes in the back patio. I pulledall the plant pots out of the shed and checked them over. I already have potting soil for cactus/ aloes so I think everything I need is here. The small cacti inside the house need to be repotted, too.
Flooding in the MidWest from bad storms the past week to two weeks. Wonder what that will do to crops, if anything? Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin have been socked pretty badly and that part of the country has been having tornadoes early this year. It’s like tornadoes have had a population explosion the past two months and the season runs through August or September I think.
New Hours on PBS tonight had 15 minute segment on oil prices and why this is happening—prices, demand outstripping supply—they gave the usual reasons.
I think I have someone to replace my shed door/door fram and get a new gate for me! Hooray!
Two more things off the big list of things to do.

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