Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June 17th

Hearing about corn rationing—just more high prices and hunger to come in this world and probably here in the US. Of course, we've always had hungry people in the US wealthiest nation or not, but it's just hard to think we in the US can't have overcome something like food distribution to everyojne in our country in the 21st century with modern technology and knowledge.

Guess we're just subject to nature and the physical laws of the world like all other creatures on the planet. we're especially subject to them, It seems, when we've fooled around with the natural processes of the planet too much.

Not too cheerful but there's a lot of not cheerful out there these days and with good reason, too.

Solar oven should come this week. new door isn't all in yet but the painting is done and the new gate may take until the end of the week. Patio is going to look better when all of this is done.

cheers, shamba

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