Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June 24th

Went to buy vanilla, some eggs—to do some baking I thought but then I found numerous items at the Safeway for “buy one get one free” –fresh strawberries, some canned fruit, herbal teas—which I use all year round for just drinking general purposes, cold or hot, stewed tomatoes ( which I love).

I have used teas and made by own teas for medicinal purpose—I took a few classes on that years ago and still have the recipes. But then I’d have to have the right ingredients to make them. Often the general public herbal teas in grocery stores serve simple “medicinal” needs.

Then, I was horrified by some break loaves being 4.59 apiece! Eek! It was bread I like but I didn’t need any loaves of bread so I passed on that. Not all their bread was that high it was something I buy sometimes. My energy bars at the Safeway bakery I love have gone from 50 apiece to 59 cents apiece in the past 4-5 months—I could probably learn to bake those. Also, I was low on whole oats—all they had on the shelves today was quick oats but that could be just today. This was Quaker oats and Safeway brand both that were low. I bought the higher price because I didn’t want Quick oats anyway. Also, got box of cornmeal, corn starch, but forgot the vanilla. Also, got some more butter and olive oil and black tea.

Every time I go to the store, I find these 10 cans for $10.00 or other things like it and I buy 10 things or sometimes only 5 things because I know it can be used and it or similar things will cost more and more in just a few weeks, I know it will.

I was looking at bulk foods online yesterday just to avoid driving to a couple of places in Phoenix that I know of in the heat.

Weather Note: Our record according to last night’s weather news on NBC local was 18 straight days in 1974 of 110 plus temps. Last year we had 30 or so days but not in a row, that was a record, too. As of today we’re running 12 or so days.

Where am I going to put all these cans??? My "canned cupboard" is pretty full.

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