Friday, June 6, 2008

A Warm Day's Walk in June

Temp only about 98 today--we've not had out triple digits much yet. So, midday walking was okay.

Walked up towards the gas station/Basha's store. Gas was posted at 4.05. Every other day the past 10 days it's gone up 3-5 cents it seems. I expected to see $4.00 since it had been 3.97 on wednesday. I filled up at another station for less on Wednesday in Awhuatukee since I was over there to see Lori--That is about 20 miles from where I live.

Watching the gas price at this one station go up the past 2 weeks has impressed me more than a lot of other things how "now" the change coming for the world are here in the present.

On my walk, I saw many purple sages in full bloom, so in bloom that the flowers are weighing the limbs of the plants down. I've never seen purple sages so full of flowers and the ones along the canal were full, full of bees. That, of course, is good, if the bees make it back to their hive okay with their pollen! There were also a mom duck and her 4 ducklings swimming in the canal. I've seen moms and babies in that canal all year round even in November and December. Also, some other ducks were out sitting on the side of the canal where people and cyclist actually go by. they weren't fussed at all about me walking by. I need some pics of these things!

Cleaned up the back patio of the dead cat's claw and cleaned out all the empty plant pots. The aloe are the colorless grey green they get when they're in the sun too much but they are still growing.


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